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Does your bird take treats?

Our most successful learners feel comfortable taking treats from their caregivers. If you’ve already tried giving your little one treats, and they won’t eat them or they drop them, we can help set you BOTH up for success! The most common reasons birds don’t accept treats are either that their diets need adjusting OR they might be feeling nervous. Whatever the reason, with a few easy sessions with one of our trainers, you and your little learner will be right as rain!

Diet Conversion

Diet conversions are simple and extremely successful. In the Diet Conversion Program, We will help you develop a healthy diet for your parrot, teach you how to track consumption, and coach you through implementing your parrot’s diet conversion, too. Your bird will be excited about their treats and ready to dive into learning in no time!


3 Sessions
1 Hour Per Session

*Special Price* $275

Wherever you are

Virtual, One-on-One Training Sessions

We'll meet with you at a time that's convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home. Each session includes reviewing videos of your bird's behavior, creating training plans, and live training together with your bird via videoconference.

Meet Justice!

Justice Bellar, CPBT-KA, CPBT shares a life-long love for animals. Her passion for tough little ones lead her to work with shelter rescues in 2015. In 2017 she joined the team at The Gabriel Foundation, one of the world's largest parrot sanctuary and adoption organization. In time, Justice became the Behavior and Training Coordinator, managing a parrot behavior training case load both internally, overseeing as-needed training for the sanctuary parrots on the premises, as well as post-adoption support families. She also developed and taught workshops in parrot behavior. Justice holds her avian training certification through the International Avian Certification Board (IATCB). Justice also graduated from Dr. Susan Friedman's Professional Learning and Living with Animals course. Justice shares her home with three adopted parrots- Jimmy the yellow naped amazon, Snickers the umbrella cockatoo, and Tikka the blue and gold macaw. She spends her downtime gardening, hanging out with her trio of parrots, and playing cello - sometimes with accompaniment from her band, and sometimes with accompaniment from her birds!

Justice provides free behavior workshops each month for our Parrot Kindergarten members, and you can also access her throughout the month for behavior help with your flock family. (PK members receive discounts for private behavior sessions.)
Simple steps, lasting changes!

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With a few easy lessons, your learner will be all ready to jump into Kindergarten lessons!