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"5-Minute Lessons" Library


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you can do a lot in 5 minutes

"5-Minute Lessons" Library

And your bird's attention span is probably only about that long anyway 🙂

Ellie's Lesson Library

Ellie's Lesson Library includes more than 40 different super cute and easy "Five-Minute" lessons for you and your bird, including:
• How to be an Awesome Teacher
• Easy Preference Communication
• Simple Lessons for New Learners (Colors, Shapes & Symbols)
• "Yes" and "No" Choice Training
• Let's Connect! Bedtime Books and Cute Crafts
• Explore our World! Unit Studies & Lesson Ideas with Farm Animals & Weather Themes
• Well Educated Birds: Math, Music & Science Lessons
• Fun and Easy Family Card Games like War and Go Fish!

If you want your lessons to last longer than 5 minutes, no problem! You can just stack them, like teaching your bird about elephants for a few minutes and then reading an elephant book together.

What Stuff Will I Need?

Ellie's Lesson Library uses everyday items as our learning materials. Index cards for symbols, blocks for choice communication, children's books and fun crafts... No tech needed for any of our topics!

Which Birds are a Good Fit?

Yours! With two training tracks ("look training" for nervous or chompy little ones, or "touch training" for confident dinosaurs) and easy, easy steps, Ellie's Lesson Library is completely inclusive of all birds and all ages. We'll love your bird to bits!

Tablet Training Course

Tech + birds = illegally cute! (Did I mention also full of enrichment and learning?)

Do you want your bird to talk with a communication board or find unending fun, adventure, and entertainment with apps on your cell phone or tablet? Every Saturday, we'll pop into your email a quick and easy tablet lesson so your learner can fall in love with tech, too! Your tablet lessons include training on:
• Tablet Use & Safety
• Communication Board Training
• Tracing, Matching, and Puzzle Games
• Drawing, Coloring, and Art
• PLUS Training for Independent Learning and Play

What Stuff Will I Need?

We recommend a newer-generation tablet, such as the Galaxy Tab A (that's what Jen uses) or an iPad. Screen sensitivity and quick response times help your bird have a good experience!

Which Birds are a Good Fit?

Nervous, chompy, and confident little dinosaurs all love tablets! Some may take a little warming up and others will jump right in. 🙂
Our Patented tablet training methods
will get you and your learner up and playing fast!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Every bird's learning journey is as unique as a thumbprint. We're here to celebrate every success and offer guidance for each challenge, too. We love birds and your success is our passion!

Join us every Thursday at 4:00 pm EST on Zoom as we share, laugh, and commiserate, and I'll give feedback and guidance on your lessons. Birds are welcome, of course!

Smart Cookies
Discussion Group

Each month, cozy up with your favorite beverage, grab a little feathered friend and connect with other caregivers through Zoom as we share about animal intelligence and the ways that intelligence is seen in our pets, too.

From time perception and culture to gratitude, feeling expression, communication and cognitive tests, over a century of research sheds light on the inner workings of animals - and they've even outsmarted Harvard students!

Let's learn about the inner-workings of the geniuses in our homes!
Behavior guidance, too!

Monthly Behavior Workshops

If you're feeling guilty, frustrated, or overwhelmed by your bird, you're not alone. They are complex and sometimes complicated little creatures. Our certified professional trainers help us with monthly topics for parrot parents and caregivers.

Each month, one of our professional trainers teach an interactive and collaborative online behavior workshop on topics like helping your bird love showers and actually run into their cages when it's time to go play. Workshop topics also include working through fear and aggression in your bird. All training is force-free and fear-free - happy birds, happy caregivers!

PS: Don't worry if you miss a workshop, we'll have them up for you afterward, too!

If you're needing some more in-depth behavior help, we also offer one-on-one consultations, too. PK Full members receive discounts off private behavior consult rates!
Exclusively for our members!

Behavior Workshops


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