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Four Days of Communication Training
Tue 7/23/2024 to Fri 7/26/2024
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Welcome to Parrot Kindergarten!

Learning Enrichment
Builds Stronger Bonds

Connect with your bird through learning and play activities and teach your bird to communicate while exploring the world together!
We believe that

A Full Mind Creates a Happy Bird

Birds are brilliant, like children. We can help you meet their need to be mentally enriched and challenged.

Learning Enrichment

Your bird will fall in love with learning - and so will you! It's our promise.

Empowered Communication

Learning to communicate is the very first lesson - and it takes about four minutes!

Positive Reinforcement

Learning is fun, fun, fun! We'll help you figure out your bird's favorite rewards.


Weekly discussion groups, workshops, and a dedicated Facebook group for friendship and guidance.
meeting the needs of parrots and...

Guiding You to Success

Parrot Kindergarten was designed by avian cognition trainer (and bird mom!) Jen Cunha as a comprehensive program to empower you to deepen your bond with your bird and better meet their needs for mental enrichment and challenge. We provide not only the learning resources for fun, interactive training--we're also here to coach you every step of the way. You'll join an entire community of bird caregivers, too, all learning, growing, and sharing together! Welcome to the flock ❤️

Our Vision

Empowered caregivers, happy birds -- that's our business.

Our Mission

Forging deeper bonds between parrots and their human caregivers through communication training and learning enrichment.
We Believe That

Every Bird Can Learn

Parrot Kindergarten is specially designed to be inclusive of every age and every kind of learner, from little ones who bite or are easily frightened to our little social butterflies.

How Can I Get Started?

We'd love for you to join us! Click here to enroll today and start your learning adventure!

Lesson Library

From colors and shapes to math and music, we've got dozens of easy training videos to help you teach your parrot

Tablet Training for Parrots

Easy, step-by-step lessons to teach your parrot to play games, explore puzzles, color, and communicate using a tablet

Weekly Coaching Calls

Join us each week for online coaching calls and discussion groups
(FULL members only)

Monthly Behavior Workshops

Effective strategies to address behavior challenges taught by one of our experienced and certified behavior expert
We believe that

You Can Transform Your Relationship with Five Minute Lessons

Your commitment to your bird is just five minutes per lesson, a few times per week. The change is indescribable.
fun awaits you!

Parrot Kindergarten Programs

We're your one-stop-shop for inspiration, fun, and connection. We've got quick and easy video training tutorials and a weekly coaching call to support you as your little one's teacher. Find friendship (and learn about animal intelligence!) in our Clever Cookies discussion group. Finally, you'll discover easy solutions to challenging behaviors in our monthly behavior workshops.
Shapes, colors, math, music, and so many other topics! Whether you're brand new to teaching or you've got some experience, we'll step you through training with simple and quick training videos. (Most are less than 5 minutes!)

Ellie and her friends help demonstrate super cute lessons for you and your bird. Your learnin' bird will keep you smiling from ear to ear as you both fall in love with learning!
You asked, and we listened -- our tablet training course is here by popular demand!

Whether your bird is already techie or you're completely new to tablets, we've got you covered.

First thing's first! We'll show you how to teach your bird to touch images on the screen (and not destroy the tablet!). Then we'll guide you through pressure-touch training for an interactive experience. Finally, we'll unfold a whole world of game apps, learning resources, and of course, our very favorite - the CommBoard communication device.

Birds with no tablet experience will fit right in!
Every bird's learning journey is unique and precious. I want to provide you with the tools you need to succeed, and I'm here to coach and guide you every step of the way, too!

I'd love to invite you to join us each week for a group coaching call. Altogether we'll celebrate our successes, laugh at our birds' cute antics, and I'll offer ideas and support to mentor you as you become your little one's amazing teacher!
(Full members only)
Find a cozy spot at home and join us to chat about animal intelligence - and our birds, too! (Your little one is welcome to join us!)

Animals are brilliant. They experience time perception, culture, empathy, gratitude... and sometimes they’re even smarter than Harvard students. (Yes, seriously!)

In our monthly online Clever Cookies group, we'll discuss different facets of animal intelligence and what research has taught us over the past century about the inner workings of the amazing creatures with whom we share our lives. We’ll also chat about how that intelligence is seen in the birds in our own homes, too.
(Full members only)
From screaming to biting (and everything in between), possibly nothing is more frustrating--and heartbreaking, honestly--than a frustrated parrot. (Or a frustrated caregiver. We hear you, moms and dads!)

And we're here to support you!

Each month, we offer a behavior workshop targeted toward tackling behavior problems and helping your bird feel comfy and happy in your family. Don't worry if you ever miss a class, we'll have it right up for you afterward in our learning library, too!

Is Your Bird Ready for Parrot Kindergarten?

Our most successful learners feel comfortable taking treats from their caregivers. If you’ve already tried giving your little one treats, and they won’t eat them or they drop them, we can help set your sweet bird up for success! The most common reasons birds don’t accept treats are that their diets need adjusting or they might be feeling nervous. Whatever the reason, with a few easy "parrot preschool" sessions with one of our expert trainers, you and your little learner will be ready for learning success!
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